21 Mar

Airship maker trying to buy back airship from military

Hybrid Air Vehicles, one of the airship companies I try to follow due to their involvement in pitching themselves as transportation for up in the Arctic during the melty future we face, is trying to buy back a $300 million airship they built for the US military.

“After spending nearly $300 million on a high-tech surveillance blimp before canceling it, the U.S. military is being asked to consider an unusual way to off-load the project: Give it back to the company that designed it.

Later this week, Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd. is expected to ask if it can save the football-field-length vehicle from the scrap heap and peddle it to companies outside the U.S.

‘We think it would be a disaster if the vehicle was destroyed,’ said Hardy Giesler, the British company’s business-development director. ‘We want to make sure the vehicle survives.'”

(Via Builder to Ask Army for Canceled Blimp – WSJ.com.)