15 Mar

A very chocolately Friday night out

I’m down in Columbus as Emily is at a teacher’s conference. We treated ourselves out to a very nice dinner in the Hilton Hotel Downtown as the twins are spending time at their cousin’s place.

I really hate being an annoying diner, so I felt horrible about letting the waitress know about a chip of porcelain that had gotten in a piece of bread, chipped from a plate no doubt, but quite a shock when I bit into it. I figured it was worth having them check their bread plate prep area for a broken dish, just in case. I have this blue collar sympathy for anyone working tables, even at fancy places, and do my best not to harsh their mellow. But the porcelain, I felt, was worth breaking my silence to comment (and because I had to spit out a big lump of chewed up bread and sort through it to figure out what had happened, I was worried I’d chipped a tooth or lost a cap).

They were so very apologetic and the manager came out (even though I’d tried to reiterate that I really wasn’t upset, didn’t want to see the manager, was just trying to let them know what had happened so it didn’t happen to someone else).

With that incident over we enjoyed some great cocktails, an amazing cheese platter (French sharp cheddar, yum! a new favorite), and some great cured meats. Some soup, and then we were planning to really go to town on dessert.

We never got to choose our dessert, which was awesome, because as a gesture they had the chef whip up our dessert something special himself. He came out to talk to us and explain the presentation to us, saying he’d chosen a chocolate theme.

Yeah, wow dudes:


I forget all the details, and had to ask him to explain some of the stuff, but I do remember the balls of chocolate are German chocolate truffles. Chocolate mousse. Chocolate cake on the upper right and left. A cheesecake on the right. Mango and sauce dribbled in the middle. He had liquid nitrogen on hand, so flash froze cocoa and added it to the mango sauce. And then a small bowl of flash frozen, wine soaked pear.

They really went above and beyond. It was quite an experience, and they treated us so kindly. I left (what I hope) was a good tip and a note thanking them so much. It was amazing.