02 Feb

Announcing the UK rights sales of Arctic Rising and sequel Hurricane Fever to Del Rey UK

I see that my agent’s website has this listed, so I have to assume it’s safe to blog about and announce. But Arctic Rising and the sequel that I’m in the middle of writing right now, Hurricane Fever, will be published in the UK/Commonwealth via Del Rey UK.

Del Rey UK is a new imprint from Ebury (which is a part of Random House). There is a press release about the forming of the new imprint here. I have had a peek at some of their upcoming books, and I’m in awesome company.

I know I have a small and dedicated readership over in the UK who’ve been shipping my books all the way across the pond, but with this I will now be rolling out in a bigger way overseas. I’m very excited about this.

Partially because I’m actually a commonwealth citizen. Yeah, I hold a UK passport, as I was born in a territory of the empire right before it became independent. I also have family in the UK. So finally, getting my books published over there, is exciting.

There is no news, however, on Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin, and Sly Mongoose as of yet. I’m still looking for partners in the UK. Seeing as that there is a little bit more awareness of Caribbean culture in the UK (and a core space opera readership), I would love to see the books get over there.

Arctic Rising should be coming out, then, later this year.

Hurricane Fever is still being written, but it will come out at the same time as the US release, as both publishers are getting the book at the same time.

Which is awesome.