25 Jan

The ten thousand yard stare of the mid list writer

Some very interesting stuff about the nature of being a writer can be found on Kameron Hurley’s blog today. Snippet:

I hear a lot from other people about the fear of failure. The thing is, the fear of failure isn’t that fearful when you’re nothing. When you have nothing. I have never been more brash in my life than I was after I was laid off and newly diagnosed with a chronic illness, homeless and living at a friend’s place in Dayton, Ohio. I had nothing to lose. I had no further to drop. I was go up or die.

And then on Tim Akers’ blog, he talks about similar fears and struggles:

I know more about the industry now, and about my own ability to persevere in the face of adversity. I’ve hit some pretty deep lows in the last ten years, while also managing absolute exultation. I know how easy it is to slip away in this business, to do something that looks a great deal like success, and by certain standards is the ultimate achievement, and still be absolutely, utterly failing. Whatever romantic ideals I brought to the table have been washed aside. I understand the blood of being an author. I understand the bones.

It’s quite a roller coaster, the creative life.