09 Jan

For those that want it: stuff I published in 2012

In case you are inclined to wonder what work of mine is eligible for awards this season if you’re a voter (like say for the Hugos), here is a list of everything I published in 2012 that is eligible:


The Apocalypse Ocean – Kickstarter (July 2012)
Arctic Rising – Tor (Feb. 2012)

A few people have asked if Arctic Rising was a 2011 or 2012 book. It is a 2012 book. The Apocalypse Ocean was first published to backers in eBook form in July 2012, officially. I imagine more people have encountered Arctic Rising, but since it did come out very early in the year it is up against an amazing year of great books… incidentally, I’ve been remiss in promoting the fact that Arctic Rising is now out in paperback, which means both it and the paperback are now price at $7.99.

Novelettes: (links take you to online copy of story)

Jungle Walkers (w/ David Klecha) – Armored (March, 2012)

Short Stories: (links take you to online copy of story)

The Found Girl (w/ David Klecha) – Clarkesworld Magazine (September, 2012)

The Rainy Season – Mitigated Futures (August, 2012)

A Game of Rats and Dragon – Mitigated Futures (June, 2012)
–reprinted in Lightspeed Magazine (the most visited story on LS for 2012, John tells me)

Press Enter to Execute – Fireside Magazine #1 (Spring, 2012)

A Tinker of Warhoon – Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom (Spring, 2012)