02 Jan

Launching Mitigated Futures for general sale, and much more!

It’s my birthday! And today, the eBook edition of Mitigated Futures goes on sale!

Mitigated Futures

You can buy it:

-Directly from me using Gumroad
-For the Amazon Kindle
-For the Barnes & Noble Nook

It is being processed at B&N, Kobo, and iBooks right now, but still not quite yet live. I’ll updated the links here, and at the book’s page when I see them go live.

The first print run of the limited edition hardcover had a small error, each page was titled with the first story’s title. I redid the print run, but I have 13 copies of that run still left that I’m putting on sale to try and recoup some of the money. If you’re interested in a hard copy, I’m offering them at a ‘name your price’ sale via this link here.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This great collection, with custom art inside, launched via Kickstarter, has been a great success. I’m grateful to everyone who backed early copies. And the hardcovers are a total favorite. The cover by Jenn Reese was incredible, and really complements the whole collection.

In fact, I was so taken with it, I asked Jenn if we could work to create an all new cover for the previous short story collection of mine, Tides From the New Worlds. She did, and it’s again, fantastic:

Tides From The New Worlds

I’ve uploaded the new version of the eBook to all the various eBook outlets that Tides is up at. But I’ve decided to have a little fun to celebrate the launch of Mitigated Futures. I’ve lowered the price of Tides to $2.99 over the last month, instead of $4.99.

And today, I’m debuting a little bit of social goosing. It may backfire, it may be a silly move. But I thought I would try it.

There’s a service around that I’ve seen used once or twice and been intrigued by. It’s called Pay With a Tweet.

So if $2.99 isn’t your speed, I’m offering Tides From the New Worlds up for the price of a tweet to celebrate the launch of Mitigated Futures and to showcase and highlight the new, awesome cover it has.

You can log in, and send a tweet or Facebook post about this, and get the collection for free. You can change the suggested text I have put in to say anything you want, by the way.

So… $2.99, or a tweet. Your call! I’m just very excited about both these collections, and am trying to raise their profile again.