07 Nov

You can now buy my books at the Robot Trading Company

The guys at Angry Robot are smart and doing cool things, so a couple of months ago I was pretty psyched when Darren Turpin from RTC approached me about putting my own books up for sale at the Robot Trading Company, their direct eBook sales venue.

I now have The Executioness, Nascence, and Tides From the New Worlds available for purchase at the Robot Trading Company, if that’s where you like to buy your books from.

I also did an interview at The Robot Reader about self publishing and crowd funding:

I’ve worked with large print publisher, a medium sized print publisher, a small print publisher, I’ve used Kickstarter to crowd fund a novel and a short story collection, and I’ve also directly self-published two collections. Having experience with so many different methods means that I’m well informed and I have a pretty good idea about which method any given project of mine should use. Which helps me cut through a lot of the drama…