10 Oct

Catching up

It’s 3:30am and I’m wide awake, because I feel asleep for four hours at 8pm. These things happen. I’ve spent the last hour or so working on an outline, and I realized I should pass along an update.

The last update I really gave was in January. It was this post where I announced I was going to be reducing the freelance work I did to just one activity, and use the money from the Kickstarter of The Apocalypse Ocean and other fiction to survive on. Risky. But I felt it was worth a try.

Ten months later, things stand thusly:

I’ve written, drafted, copy-edited, and had proof-read The Apocalypse Ocean. Delivered the eBook to backers. The book is now at an amazing printer and I can’t wait to see it (and to mail it out). It’ll be a beautiful 200 copy limited edition in hardcover. I’m really curious to see what happens after I deliver the copies of it and Mitigated Futures to backers and can sell those via Amazon/BN/Kobo, as I’ll get a better sense for what the whole Kickstart/deliver/sell direct system is capable of accomplishing.

I tore down and rewrote a YA novel, The Trove, and finished it just last weekend.

I was working on a novel called The Infringement up until April. One issue developed, which was a structural one. I could have fixed that. But then a novel came out that nailed everything I wanted to nail with that book, in many of the ways I wanted to approach the subject. So I set aside the words already written. The Infringement won’t be happening.

Instead, there will be a novel in the vein of Arctic Rising called Hurricane Fever. I’ve been doing the research and outlining, and now that The Trove is wrapped up, you will probably hear me on twitter and here nattering on about Hurricane Fever as I try to get to a draft to send my editor.

Ten months ago, I figured I could last maybe nine months spending 70% of my day writing. I’m waiting for some deals to click into place, and I’ve kept my budget thin (the only travel I paid for this year was Chicago Worldcon, and I hitched a ride up there). Ten months of writing like this is more than most people get. I consider myself lucky. I’ve written a whole new novel direct for fans that’s about to come out in physical form. I have finished a new YA novel. I also fit 7 short stories in and around all that. I did this while also spending a month on tour for Arctic Rising, and a month sick with vertigo that made it hard to read a screen.

Productive? I’m as stunned as anyone (and if you’re curious as to how, it’s by following the items I laid out here in a blog post about how I have all but tripled my productivity. I’m not forcing myself to write faster, I’m actually spending less hourly time writing and more time fiddling around, but being more productive during those hours). But it’s been a great ten months. I’m really hoping to do another ten. Or more.

With everything I’ve learned from Kickstarter, I’m hoping to do one for Desolation’s Gap (the final Xenowealth book) after I’ve delivered everything to everyone for the previous Kickstarters. I’m also hoping to have some cool announcements to make about publishing deals and projects that have been secretly winding their way through the pipeline lo these last ten months.

But in the meantime, that silent period of 2009-2011 seems to be well behind me. And if luck holds, and another ten months like this continue, there should be quite a few new books coming out from me.

So keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? I don’t want to get all emotional, but this has been an amazing ten months. Sure I haven’t travelled much and I’ve been cooped up over the keyboard, but it’s been magical to get to tell so many stories that I’ve wanted to tell. The Apocalypse Ocean, after a multi-year wait, it was just fantastic to see it become a book. And I’m head over heels with The Trove. And if you enjoyed Arctic Rising, I can’t wait to show you all some of the stuff in Hurricane Fever I’m writing/outlining.

And that’s what is in the bag. Getting a chance to next year finish the Xenowealth series, and work on some new books, well, I’m crossing my fingers the next couple months line everything up so this can continue.