25 Apr

Nifty: Tatooine is kinda really a place. In Tunisia. Which has a Tataouine.

Just because news usually focuses on just the negative, and I haven’t heard about Tunisia in a while and my stepdad has asked how it was doing, I went digging around to see if I could get a read on it. Then I came across an article that said Tataouine had just finished a major strike.

Then I remembered that Lucas had filmed parts of Star Wars in Tunisia, hadn’t he?

So Tatooine is Tataouine?

Totally! Well, kind of. I’m not sure based on the shots if Lucas filmed in Tataouine, but he would been aware of the name and location of Tataouine.

It’s news to me, though dedicated Star Wars fans might already know it.

All the Tatooine elements are filmed in Tunisia, and one enterprising Star Wars fan actually traveled around Tunisia in the late 90s documenting what those places look like, as many of the buildings that are what you think of when you think ‘Tatooine’ and ‘Star Wars’ are actually desert Tunisian architecture.

The farm:


It’s actually the courtyard of a Tunisian hotel:


My favorite were of the Mos Eisley sets.

If you’re interested in Star Wars there’s a lot more before/after shots in bigger (I created a thumbnail there) sets. Fun to click around.