17 Apr

Read my newest short story ‘Press Enter to Execute’ at the Wired blog!

Fireside Magazine issue #1 has just launched. And to raise awareness, paired up with Wired’s blog to print the story entirely, and you can read the story ‘Press Enter to Execute’ there:

USED TO BE most of my targets were tough gunthugs. Russian Mafia with tattoos jumbled all over everywhere. On my last job, I killed this low-level Chinese pimp who had a geek in his basement running code.

Men like that pimp were soldiers. Lived violent, died violent.

Holding a gun to the temple of some tough motherfucker ready to kill me the moment I made a mistake, that didn’t feel so wrong.

But thinking about trying to kill the coder, still in his teens, a box of Chinese food and some chopsticks still in his hand and the eyes of a startled doe about to get shot, well that had shook me. I’d aimed at the geek, then put the gun away and told him to run.

Press Enter to Execute

PS: as a huge fan of Wired, I’m of course thrilled to see my story up there on my blog. Geek cred FTW!