21 Feb

Some reviews of Arctic Rising (i.e.: my new book is about to drop, ya’all)

Next week my first novel in almost 4 years drops, so I’m nervous and excited, and can’t believe it’s only a week away. It took so long, and then it ambushed me! After spending almost three years working on the book (with pauses due to health and exhaustion), I have to say, it’s good to be back.

If you’re in the Science Fiction Book Club, there’s an edition of it.

The audio version will be out in March, and it’s going to be really awesome.

You can read an excerpt here.

I’m doing my best not to spam readers with every single review, though I will keep track of them on the Arctic Rising page here and will occasionally highlight some on the blog and via twitter. Because I’m nervous about this one (again, four year hiatus has left me twitchy) I’ll be actually doing my best not to read them or obsess overmuch. There’s too much else that needs done!

But anyway, here are some things people are saying about it:

This was a pretty fast read, with colorful characters, a bit of dangerous romance, international intrigue, spies, guns, all leading to a desperate, high-stakes climax. Jim Hines

The author of Halo: The Cole Protocol delivers a fast-paced sf action thriller that presents a multifaceted look at the global warming crisis. Library Journal

…an intimate techno-thriller about an ecological showdown in an ice-free Arctic… …moves swiftly… Publishers Weekly

…Buckell shifts his narrative into overdrive, almost providing his readers with whiplash as they must keep up with his change of pace. This change occurs at the right time and Buckell successfully provides the reader with a book which not only offers action, but also explores the positives and negatives of global warming without too evidently landing on one side of the argument or the other… SF Site.

Only time will tell where Mr. Buckell will next ply his novel writing trade, but with Arctic Rising, he’s penned an entertaining, thought provoking thriller that could have the wider appeal of some of Michael Crichton’s better and stronger novels. SFF World

With his new novel Arctic Rising, Tobias Buckell may well just have invented a new sub-genre : near-future optimistic global warming thriller. Big Dumb Object

Buckell focuses as much on action-thriller set pieces as he does on teasing out a plausible future, placing the novel somewhere around the intersection of Michael Crichton and William Gibson. Kirkus

If you like very realistic science fiction thrillers, I highly recommend that you add Arctic Rising by Tobias S. Buckell to your reading lists. –Douglas Cobb