12 Jan

Comments comments comments

[update: you can see the longer reason I chose to do this here, when I shut the comments down. A closer look at the traffic results are here]

It’s been a year since I turned off comments, and as I’ve mentioned, it’s been great for me, the blog.

It’s still an explosively debated issue elsewhere. Matt Gemmell has a round up discussions about comments here that I found fascinating.

To arbitrarily claim, or to just have decided, that the motive for comments-off is arrogance or lack of humility, is a straw man. It’s a judgement which speaks more about the accuser than the accused. It is also, being an accusation which cannot ever be completely disproven (how can I prove my inner motive beyond doubt?), a weak argument.

I find the strongest reaction is disbelief that you would do something that isn’t commonly acknowledged to be what EVERYONE knows is what everyone has to do. In other words, “you’re not doing what everyone else is doing, how dare you?” usually with a side “I want to crap my opinion all over your front porch, how dare you not give me a portion of your carefully decades-long built up soapbox!”

Usually the outraged are angry privileged types.

Don’t get me wrong, all the success of my blog and traffic are a result of the kindness of everyone’s aggregated attention, time, and good will. No one is more aware of me than that. I love getting emails and twitters from people who read. I love meeting readers at signings and cons.

And I’ve been able to focus a lot more on *that* side of the relationship since turning off comments.