08 Nov

Self publishing doesn’t mean you have to be a raging fuck wad

I’m seriously getting tired of prominent self publishers…

Let’s have an aside. These major individuals who are the kings of this movement are not even actually self publishers anymore, only one was for a brief moment. J.A. Konrath is actually an Amazon contracted author, and so is Barry Eisler. The only difference between them and any other ‘house’ published author is that the name of the house/corporation is now Amazon, neither of them sell direct via websites, with their own turnkey credit card systems like anyone actually *serious* about disintermediation. They’ve both exchanged one corporate relationship for another. So anyone who champions them as self publishing masters immediately demonstrates a lack of perception.

I don’t even for a moment mind an author switching from one relationship to another. Amazon, or any of the other large houses, are corporate behemoths. There are tradeoffs, but they give you large leverage to gain audience. That is the trade off many authors make.

People keep focusing on royalty rates as a standard. But what is better? 70% of $100 in sales, or 10% of $1,000?

The first $70, the second is $100. If all you focus on in one of those numbers, you’re being mindless.

But, obviously, if the sales are the same, the 70% is better.

These are all complex calculations about reach, volume, and business. Different authors will make different calculations.

Now that I have that off my chest, decided to go for the 70% makes sense in some situations. Making a living at writing is rare no matter how you do it.

So the feces-tossing fuck waddery of the ‘kings of self publishing’ (who, as I just said, actually aren’t), really is getting tired.

Not because I’m ‘ignorant’ and ‘scared.’

I have eBooks for sale. I have been involved in doing that since 2000. Which means I’ve been on the scene longer than just about anyone I know. I also design eBooks for freelance income. I know the ins and outs of the technology as well.

Since 2003 most of my reading has been via eBooks.

I have used Kickstarter, and promoted it to other authors.

I have sold books to small presses, medium presses, and the largest presses.

I continue to sell books to large presses. I’ve had books that sell small, and written a New York Times Bestseller. I’ve written original novels, novellas, audio books, and a gaming tie-in book.

I have my fingers in all pies and have had a taste of quite a few of the different models.

I’m also bi-racial. I grew up in the Caribbean. I even took a DNA test recently to see where my ancestors came from. Fascinating stuff. Some of my ancestors were poor artisans in Western Europe.

My other ancestors were forcibly enslaved and dragged across the Atlantic in chains.

So imagine my disgust to see the loud-mouthed ‘if you don’t self publish you’re an idiot’ crowd of Michael Stackpole and Barry Eisler and J.A Konrath (remember, Konrath and Eisler work with Amazon, they don’t self publish as such) thumping themselves on the chest and saying ‘if you don’t self publish you’re a house slave.’

Imagine how insulting that is, these three white dudes, screaming about how it’s really *them* being oppressed, for us pointing out what a bunch of nasty language that is.

How tone deaf.

How self involved.

How dripping full of loud, male privilege.

Also, they talk about how you have to ‘rape’ or ‘be raped’ in order. How nice.

What wonderful human beings they must be.

I’m tired of hearing their vile denunciations of everyone and everything. Their ‘one way’ approaches. It’s like listening to the worst evangelical types in the midwest. I hear these types on the radio when driving. They’re no different than Rush Limbaugh or anyone else.

Self publish, kickstart, contracts with the big 6, or Amazon, just please stop listening to these people. They will lead you wrong because they’re absolutely convinced they know everything. They’re blind to nuance. They think they are prophets. They will drag you down, like the leaders of a bizarre cult waiting for a UFO at midnight, while profiting off you’re attention and relinking them.

If they can’t figure out why what they said was harmful, hurtful, and downright bizarre and unacceptable, they’re not the people you should be listening to.

End of story.

Want to read about changes in the field, want to read about the business? Start finding people who are utilizing all the options available. Listen to how most people are making a living at doing what you want. Listen to who has the most sales overall. Listen to people who don’t have to denigrate, shout, and insult others to make their point.

There are a lot of them out there.

You will known them by their voice.