28 Mar

Nascence is live!

Nascence: 17 Stories That Failed and What They Taught Me is live and for sale. Here’s a taste of the very first review I’ve seen for it, by English prof and writer B.J. Keeton:

In the time since I was sent the e-ARC of Nascence, I have learned more about what I am doing wrong with my writing than I have in the past year of voraciously reading any writing articles, blogs, or books that I have been able to find.

What’s the difference, you may ask, between Nascence and, say, the newest issue of Writer’s Digest? How can this one self-published ebook teach you that much?

It can because Tobias Buckell gives examples. Hard examples that tie directly to his advice.

Instead of just saying “Write compelling characters” or “Make the reader give a damn” and then telling you why you should follow these rules, he shows you. He gives you a story that breaks the precise rule he is trying to help you avoid, and not only that, but it’s a legitimate example of making the mistake and not one conjured up just to show nascent writers what not to do. We see actual mistakes, not manufactured ones.

Where to get Nascence:

On Amazon.com’s Kindle store.

On Barnes and Noble’s Nook Store (now up).

Directly on my website as an ePub.

If you are a reviewer, please email me at tobias@tobiasbuckell.com for a copy, I’d love to get this eBook out there and spread the word about it, as early readers seem to really dig the whole concept and what I did here.

I’d really appreciate any reviews you can add to the Amazon site as well as well as any retweets, tweets, or links to the book. I think the concept of a book like this is fairly unique in the ‘how to write’ category.

And that’s the end of my hard plug. I’ll probably point out some more of the reviews over the next couple weeks, is all. Thanks for listening to me push a project a bit harder than normal over the last week.