10 Nov

Tread Carefuly

So venerable professional magazine Realms of Fantasy has been sold to Damnation Press.

If you click through to Damnation Press, you’ll see that was I surprised to see a fairly amateurish looking website for a company that mainly seems to sell eBooks, mostly by signing as many new authors they can (tons of authors, few sales). They don’t look like they’re backed by any serious money. And they’re not exactly posting big sales or working with any serious names.

I see drama ahead. They look sketchy, somewhat unprofessional, and amateurish, certainly they seem to have ‘accounting’ problems that always seem to spring up around such operations.

Googling around, there are a number of other warning signs about Damnation Press.

Here’s a post at AW about oddities regarding paying out of royalties.

A big long thread at AW also about the various incarnations of the company, that started as Eternal Press then morphed into Damnation.

I’d be very cautious about dealing with them. For one, I’d wait to see if they develop a good product that looks professional (ie: are they investing money in good design, both website and print, so that you’d be showcased in a good frame), and also see if people are getting paid and if the contract is solid. I’m not going to write this off, but for right now, I’m dubious, sadly enough.