31 Jan

Together, let’s break the Amazon monopoly on Kindles!

From Amazon’s statement, I try to rewrite it to demonstrate weirdness:

Dear Customers readers:

Macmillan Amazon, one of the “big six dominant/largest/elephant in the marketpublishers, online booksellers has clearly communicated to us that, regardless of our my viewpoint, they are committed to switching to an agency model and charging $12.99 to $14.99 for e-book versions of bestsellers and most hardcover releases not negotiating without kicking authors, who supply you with your content, in the nuts while arguing with a large publisher.

We have I expressed our my strong disagreement and the seriousness of our my disagreement by temporarily ceasing the sale of all Macmillan titles linking of almost all titles online to Amazon, which I’ve previously done in the spirit of fair play and trust that you would not kick me in the nuts. We want you to know that ultimately, however, we will have to capitulate and accept Macmillan’s terms because Macmillan has a monopoly over their own titles

Wait, what?

Macmillan has a monopoly on their own titles? That’s like saying Amazon has a monopoly on Kindles.

Of fucking course. They make Kindles.

Okay, since having a monopoly on something you’ve made is something Amazon thinks is bad, I’m announcing the FREE THE KINDLE FROM OUTRAGEOUS PRICES CAMPAIGN.

At over $200, Amazon shouldn’t have the right to price the Kindle so highly. As a self-entitled person, I demand they price it at $99.

Look, I have no idea if manufacturing costs or development means they’ll lose money, all I care about is how much it COSTS ME. And its too high.

I recommend starting with tagging Kindles with $99 boycott!

Together, if we demand to set the price, we can take the choice of how to price the Kindle out of Amazon’s hands and break their monopoly on Kindles!

Join me, my internet friends.

PS: I really hope Amazon.com gets on board with this, as they seem to think that having monopolies on things you make is really evil. I hope they take this monopolistic device down for sale like they did those books.