22 Oct

The tyranny of the reboot after a writing absence

writing_studio_write_266845_tn.jpgToday I’m failing to follow my own advice (ass in chair, just do it!), struggling to get back into working on fiction. When I got sick on the 5th all the creative work stopped as I focused on freelance stuff and caring for everyone as best I could, then getting sick myself, then recovering. By the 12th, according to my ‘writing progress’ spreadsheet, I was no longer tagging missed days for those reasons, but I was behind on some money making stuff.

So for the next week and a bit was ‘playing catch up’ and trying to get ahead. My inbox is now basically at 0, my todo list is at 3. I am no longer feeling overwhelmed. A handyman is coming by today to fix the bedroom window.

So I’ve missed 17 days of writing in a row due to taking care of everything else. On the current project, that means my daily ‘need’ of writing 400 words to finish on the date I want to finish at is now 460 words a day.

But 17 days off is a long stretch, taking a long stretch of means that when you return, you just don’t have that momentum and energy. The rock is in a divot of mud, but once you get it rolling it’s easier to keep pushing and rolling.

So I’m doing everything this morning but shove my shoulder against the rock. I did some outlining, some worldbuilding (hence the earlier post about college formats), and it’s almost lunch.

I like lunch. And the walk into town (where I have to drop my keys off so my Celica can have the plastic tray under the radiator reattached). I like my car.

So I’m not leaving for lunch until I write at least 100 words.

That’s how to start back up. A small goal. Then you promise the next day to beat that. And pretty soon I’ll be back on my 500 days or more roll. And then aim for higher (I’m a very slow writer, actually, despite impressions to the contrary, I just am very persistent and build my life around large blocks of writing time).