11 Apr


image929683064.jpgCalliope Ann Buckell and Thalia Lyn Buckell, just before 7AM this morning, 5 pounds 8 ounces and 5 pounds 6 respectively. Mom and daughters are hale and hearty and the doctor said it was an easy and textbook delivery.

edit: you can see the better photo of above here at twitpic, as iBlogger cropped out Thalia on Emily’s right hand.

edit: for those wondering, we’re back home, but the twins are in the special care unit still. They were having trouble keeping their body temperature up and had a touch of jaundice (oompah loompah babies) so they’re working through that. The pediatrician we talked to today is hoping tomorrow we can bring them home. While Monday we were still in a hospital room near special care, today was a bit long because we had to drive down to Lima and spend all day sitting around the room with them, which is a bit tiring (as can be seen with my scruffy ballcap “I’d like to take them home to a more comfortable chair” look I have rocking of late that Emily snapped a picture of…)

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