20 Nov

Thursday update

Was moved late last night out of the intense cardiac care area into a smaller normal room. The tv is smaller too and the cartoom chanell is fuzzy (pout). Also, the imternet is slooooowwww on tjis part of tje buildinh, so im using the iphone for onternet, as its faster. As a doctor friend who swung by said: no more Hilton for you. It was interesting being right across from the nurses station and listening to all their chatter, including harmonized singing.

The doctors, surprised at having a 29 year old in the cardiac wing, are testing me for everything LOL. The echocardiogram results weren’t in last night yet, so the cardiologist might yet see of I have mum’s hypertrophiccardiomyopathy in this evening’s consult.

The topper to all this is that the catscan found an unrelated small nodule in my lungs. A pulmonary specialist was by. He thought it was probably nothing, but that he wanted me to get scanned every few months for two years to watch it. More shot to worry about.

That aside, he eventually wants an asthma check, as it rims in the family. He also wasn’t thrilled about us having so many pets when I know ok allergic to them.

So right now I’m on blood thinners and beta blockers and some other stuff, waiting for tonights big consult to see what Friday

A few people were shocked to see me blog all this, but it was a way for me to DO something while being helpless. It helped. Particularly when the ER doc got my third EKG and suddenly it was like being in a tv show: nurses descended upon me as he called for nitro, asprin, and all sorts of things were being injected via the iv ports in either arm and he was on the phone with both the regional cardiac experts and saying on another line ‘no lifeflight it takes just as long to drive to Lima’. The word lifeflight is just, well as I blogged ‘scary shit’. But Twitter and blogging gave something to focus on.

I also wanted to let extended family and close friends to get the message quick and stay in loop. I gather that worked well as my cousins on facebook noticed my change in status and spread the word. My parents were surprised to get calls as soon as they were finding out what was happening!

I was unprepared, however, for ALL the emails, texts, facebook messages and comments, as well as blog posts wishing me well, reading them all helped me, again, keep my mind occupied and gave something to look forward to every fifteen minutes: refreshing my inbox. Thank you all. I’m stuck with the iPhone, so my capicity to reply to everything is limited, but am reading it all.

Update: the echo did not show I shared mum’s hypertrophiccardiomyopathy, so tomorrow I get cathed. Does NOT soubd like fun.

Late night update, 11pm: my cardiologist just swung by. We had a good chat where he said he’s thinking it’s pericarditis, though usually that presents with fluid around the heart they spot with the echo, they didn’t see that. So the cath procedure tomorrow is to rule out any blockages, which they don’t think they’ll find, and to check for any signs of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, although they didn’t see any of that in the echo they can do some checking tomorrow.

So we’re ruling out things here. The cardiologist sounded upbeat tonight, is hoping the cath just confirms that the heart is okay as it looks from the echocardiogram and lets him rule out everything but pericarditis. He’s hoping I can go home late tomorrow, or the next day, after recovering from the cath. The nurse in for my night shift did a years long stint in the cath lab, she stopped in to talk to me at length about the procedure (showed a video) and told me she expected to see me turfed back out home this weekend yet to lounge around my house and ease back into things.

And I’m getting another round of Xanax for the night to keep me relaxed and in a positive frame of mind (as you can imagine during the down time the impact of all this can sneak up like a ton of bricks on you), I have 3 DVDs and a bunch of iTunes rentals loaded up to sit here and watch on my laptop (thanks Doselle and Charlie/Rae for the iTunes cards!), so here’s to the long night ahead…