18 Nov

In the ER

image64380849.jpgWent to the ER for shallow breathing and a high heart rate. Initially they thought SVT but now after drawing lots of blood (I hate needles and it’s always an ordeal for the poor nurses) and getting on the EKG and xrays they’re thinking blood clot. Going for a CAT scan soon. Enjoy the pic Emily took.

Update: it’s a heart problem. Am being moved to a regional hospital with specialists soon.

Scary shit dudes…

Lunch update: after getting bused over to Lima by a pair of ambulance techs who cracked jokes to lift my spirits for the whole drive, I’m kicking it at Lima Memorial, where they have a whole wing for this sort of thing, but every one else here is like… 80.

My mum turns out to have Hypertrophiccardiomyopathy, as did her dad. It causes a heart to race. The cardiologist hasn’t come by yet, but the family is running bets that that is what I have.

Meanwhile, I have tubes in my right and left arms and lots more pinpricks from all the other places blood has been drawn. I’m in a nice bed with cable tv and wireless Internet, but the iPhones battery is about to die. My stepdad should bring by a power adaptor for it later.

Dinner update; the cardiologist came by. He doesn’t want to jump straight to heart just yet. I’m staying a few more days or so to be monitored. Pulmonary specialist comes on tomorrow, as well as another cat scan, and I’m sure more blood will me drawn! He wants to fix a very high white blood cell count and eliminate some other possibilities before that. He thought the abnormalities that pointed toward heart issues might just be my stressed out heart after running many hours on overdrive.

Kinda wish I could hook up an Xbox to the hospital tv LOL.

Morning update: after light sleeping last night I’m feeling rested. The Nurses tell me my crazy high white cell count is way down. Emily got me my laptop, which I’ll get plugged in soon, but due to lack of sleep the previous night and exhaustion of nerves from the previous days events, I’ve been enjoying napping the morning away, as well as getting cleaned up and having breakfast.

I’m no longer on nitro and they’ve rduced the blood thinners. My heart was ultra sounded last night, so they’ll be poring over that today. I’m told my legs may be ultrasounded next as part of the battery of tests. Everything looks vastly better today. A steady HR in the 80s instead of 120s all night and all morning.

Emily loaded Kung cu panda on my laptop, I’ll be hitting up iTunes as I’m still too exhausted to think straight for ling. I’ll take the time to download and watch lots of movies tonight LOL