22 Oct

What f*&king boycott?

With all due respect to everyone misrepresenting my positions of late, please stop. My original post can be found at:

That Borders Thing/

Most people have passed on the message that I’m against Borders, calling for a boycott, and am angry. I would encourage people to please read my neutral, details-oriented post (linked above) on the details I’d gathered about Borders skipping my books. All I was trying to do was explain to my concerned fans why my latest *hardcover* wasn’t to be found at Borders, but my paperbacks were.

To reiterate:
I am not angry.
I do not expect Borders to carry my books.
I am not calling for a boycott.

As to calling me a ‘whiner,’ whatever. Look, I’ve always been open on this blog about talking about what details I can and feel comfortable talking about. I’m not radically transparent, but I’m more so than your average author.

This was just another ‘here’s what’s like behind the curtain’ post for readers, not a call to action. If you genuinely like my books, please buy them because they kick ass, not because of some call to action about chain bookstores, boycotts, or feeling sorry for me.

If you, like others, don’t like chains, order from an Indy store online.

update: well, Neil Gaiman is now part of the imaginary boycott, so I’m at least keeping cool company LOL