15 Jul

Pay to… um… not play

William Sanders now wants authors who ask for their stories to be deleted to *pay* Helix for the privilege.

Why should you have to do all this extra work for nothing, just so some silly people can make a big grandstand play to impress their bloggy pals with the Correctness of their convictions?

I am hereby making a change to the aforestated offer. Effective as of now,
any Helix contributor who wants his/her work deleted from the archives will
have to pay for the privilege. Specifically, it’ll cost you forty bucks, payable
to Melanie.


Come now – forty bucks, that’s NOTHING, is it? I mean compared to the inestimable value of keeping your precious principles all shiny and pretty. Not to mention the basic principle involved at her end. Call yourselves feminists, do you?

Then you ought to be ashamed of yourselves trying to exploit a woman’s labor
like that.

The high class behavior continues.

If you’re a Helix contributor who no longer wishes to have your name associated with William Sanders and were thinking about doing this of your own accord, and he really goes through with this, please contact me. I’ll figure out a way of helping pay for this, whether out of my own pocket, or through some sort of donation drive or something.