22 Aug

Sly Mongoose cover art progression

Irene Gallo forwarded me thumbnails of the progress of Sly Mongoose’s cover art so I can post it up here and talk about it’s progression.

I gave my editor a really, really cool scene towards the end of the book (I’ve written some scenes out of order) that is just super-cool and a lot of fun to write, and I was just squee-excited that he forwarded it on as the scene to have illustrated as I hope it will catch readers’ eyes.

The first rough color sketch by artist extraordinaire Todd Lockwood is below, and features Pepper (you may remember him from the first couple books) and Katerina getting ready to face off against some long odds.

 Albums Y141 Igallo Mongoose1

The action and general thrust of it is nifty, and the next sketch that comes in is in black and white with more details. Pepper’s powered armor and a zombie-beheading sword are there, and the giant blimp-ship invasion is progressing nicely overhead in detail.

 Albums Y141 Igallo Mongoose2

The final cover art showed up in my inbox yesterday, and here’s a thumbnail lo-rez look:


And here is Pepper a little bit closer: