05 Jun

Author Advance Survey 3.0

I’ve been threatening to get my act together for this for a year now, but I’d like to update my data and system for the next Author Advance Survey. I’ve even created a custom page for it.

In January of 2005 I posted a set of simple forms for people at my website to submit data about their novel advances to me in order to put together a survey on what advances were being given out in the field of SF/F.

I originally meant to update the article once per year, but was using a cobbled together excel spreadsheet and email. I’ve not sunk the time in to create an online database that will collect and store the results for me. I will be collecting information about novel advances and information once again to create a 2007 Advance Survey for the SF/F field. Your information is private and anonymous, held only by me (Tobias Buckell), with the end result being a general overview and look at the averages and trends of the data submitted to me.

To participate, we are gathering the data slightly differently this year.

I’m asking for you to submit your novels sales and info for each novel (even if you’ve previously submitted data for this, please fill this one in) into the data entry field (as much data as you feel comfortable providing, you don’t need to fill in things you don’t know or can’t find out!). This should give us more overall data about novel advances, as well as allow for more data analysis.

For those of you with incredibly hale and hearty careers I understand that will mean a lot of data entry, so I will understand if you then chose only to input your first sale and your latest sale!


Add your novels to the database!

Author Advances article 1.0 (February, 2005)

Author Advances article 2.0 (October, 2005)

By asking people to submit info on each book, it will also be easier for people to send in updated info. All they have to do is use the form again and put the title of their book in correctly.

Lastly, again, I will not be sharing book title, author name info, or anything like that, just as I did last time.

The last time I left the option open for anonymous reporting. Almost all the people who sent in data, however, chose to put their emails or names on the form to verify the data, so I am willing to lose the participation of anonymous participants in order to make this easier to update and keep going!

I thank everyone in advance (and who did so the last time) who decides to entrust me with these details, and to everyone who spreads the word around!

Again, here is the link to add your own info:

Add your novels to the database!

Bloggers, please link to this page or to the custom page.

Thanks everyone.

update: the form doesn’t like commas when entering in the advance data. No idea why, I’m working on it.