19 Apr

Wind turbines NIMBY-ism

Andy Duncan points out a particularly odd piece of “Not In My Backyard” negativity about wind turbines when he got this email about a wind turbine:

Thank you for posting your experience by the Meyersdale wind farm that has driven many people from their homes which were unsalable and some sold for under 80% less than their fair market value. Also, bear in mind that the turbines they are trying to erect in PA, MD, WV, and NY are between 393′ and 600′ tall….closer to peoples homes. It is simply a fleecing of taxpayer dollars to ruin taxpayer’s quality of life.

I love wind turbines, I always try to stop and take a picture when I pass them. They’re just amazing, like lighthouses to me. Massive, and functional, and graceful. Screw it, built a house underneath a really big one and I’d live under it.

And I’m not a huge ‘wind power’ alternate power person. I don’t see most tech I’ve checked out as being workable. In a lower power usage, like on a boat, they’re barely marginal. For a power hungry US? I’m more liable to place my money on nuclear power, like France.

Yeah, I’m a nuclear power loving environmentalist.