09 Jan

Home again, bumpy and shiny

Emily called me up while I was in Pittsburgh to tell me that my editor Paul had mailed out the cover flats for Crystal Rain’s paperback edition to me.

“They’re embossed,” she said.

“You mean, like the title and name are all bumpy when you touch them and flashy when you look at them?” I asked.



Emily met me in Findlay for dinner and had one of them with her. As advertised, they were bumpy and shiny, which is pretty darn cool. A lot of covers are flat, the shiny bumpy ones catch people’s attention more, so it’s pretty cool that Tor did this.

The art department also shifted my name to the bottom and made it bigger (and silvery-ier, and did I mention bumpy?) which was a surprise, and then the cover includes the Kevin J. Anderson quote on the front and the Booklist quote on the back after the cover copy.

Crystal Rain the hardcover was a beautiful package. The paperback is even prettier, thanks to the hard work of Paul, Irene Gallo for the original art, and the design department (Seth Lerner takes care of mass market design, and Pablo Defendini did the hands on work of the design, kudos!).

That was a nice authorly thing to come home to.

Even better is to get home to Emily (though she’s out running errands right now). The dogs seemed excited to see me as well, as far as ‘let me out to go pee’ excited, and the cats, as usual, couldn’t give a shit that I was gone or came home.

Maybe when their food runs out I’ll get an impatient meow.