24 Apr

The Penguicon Teaparty Panel

One of the interesting events at Penguicon was the announcement (just before a panel John Scalzi was about to go on about War in SF) that the hotel didn’t feel comfortable about a panel discussion on warfare in a open place (the panel was being held in a lobby area called ‘the pit’).

We thought that was pretty silly. With the option being to move the panel or cancel it, Dave Klecha turned to Jeff Beeler and Scalzi and said the phrase that always kicks off a fun time ‘well, you know what you should do…’

In this case Dave said they should rename the panel ‘Tea Parties in SF,’ jokingly noting that since there was another open place being used for a tea party, apparently that’s the only public event you can have.

Jokes were made about discussing books like ‘Forever Teaparty’ instead of of ‘Forever War,’ and suddenly the idea was that the panel would go on, and it would be called ‘Teaparties in Science Fiction.’

Somewhere between polite political resistance, surreally, a bit of fun and some puns, a serious discussion on what the real subject was supposed to be ensued. The War in SF, erm, Tea Party in SF, panel was the one panel I decided to grab an audio record of for posterity.

It’s a bit full of background noise thanks to the open lobby location but that just lends to the authenticity of what it was like to be there, and here you go:

Tea Parties in Science Fiction

I guess I’ve committed some form of podcast now…