19 Jun

$20 Billion Storm Protection Plan demonstrates there’s no escaping the cost of global warming

A lot of people say we can’t work to prevent climate change or switch to alternative fuels because it’s too expensive.

Well, with the damage in heavy weather starting to come due, and with needed investments like this, we’re going to have to start paying the piper. Either we pay to save ourselves from the effects of change, or we try to mitigate it. There is no free lunch.

“Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg outlined a far-reaching plan on Tuesday to protect New York City from the threat of rising sea levels and powerful storm surges by building an extensive network of flood walls, levees and bulkheads along its 520 miles of coast.

The mayor said the plan would initially cost about $20 billion, and eventually far more. The city would spend the money on fortifying infrastructure like the power grid, renovating buildings to withstand hurricanes and defending the shore, according to a 438-page report on the proposals.”

(Via Bloomberg Outlines $20 Billion Storm Protection Plan – NYTimes.com.)